Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Insecure Writer's Group

I had a somewhat humorous post planned for today, but as I got some sad news today,  I am just not in the right mood for it.

So, instead I’m wondering: When life gets hard, do you press in to writing?

Sometimes when I’ve been going through something difficult, writing is my release. It distracts me and heals me.

Sometimes, though, I just need a break, which is how I’m feeling this week. I will be seeking solace in books, but I doubt I’ll be picking up the pen.

And that’s okay. I’m not going to feel guilty for letting my work-in-progress sit for a bit.
It will be there when I get back.


  1. Sorry about your sad news.

    I'm the same as you, sometimes I need writing to distract me, and take me away from my worries, and sometimes writing just adds to them. Those times are when I need to escape into a good book. So, either way, I'm using the literary world to help me through the tough times.

    You're right not to feel guilty though. It's not like you're slacking off. You need time to heal, and feel better about what's happened. That's natural, and nothing to feel bad about.

    Clare Dugmore Writes

    1. Thank you, Clare, for your encouraging words. I agree. I think we need to "count" reading good books as writing in a way, because it all helps us learn.
      So glad you stopped by!

  2. Jenni, sorry to hear about your sad news.

    Sometimes, it can be really hard to write. I've been in a "not writing" place for a couple of weeks now due to some stressful life events. I like your attitude about the work being there when you get back. No sense in making writing something to feel pressured about.

    I hope you've connected with some good books.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Andrea!. I like what you said about not being pressured. I think also learned taking time away (whether it's due to stress or not) is always good for your writing.
      Yes, I've been getting lost in some great books.