Wednesday, September 7, 2022

#ISWG: What Would You Never Not Ever Write?

September 7 question - What genre would be the worst one for you to tackle and why?

At the beginning of my first writing class, the wonderful Meg Jensen asked, “What kind of books do you like to read?”

I thought it was a bit of an off-topic question. Most people shared a genre that they liked: romance, sci-fi, mystery.

I, a former English lit major, answered in my hoity-toity voice, “I like the classics.”

“Well, that encompasses a lot of genres,” Meg said. “What kind of books do you really like?”

I couldn’t give her a clear answer.

Later she explained that she asked that question because we tend to know the genre we read the best. It tends to be the genre we write.

What did that say about me? It’s not like I’m Dickens.

I’ve thought about that question over the years and realized something. The reason I couldn’t answer is because I’m an eclectic reader. I read a lot of things, and not surprisingly, write in a lot of different genres.

This fits my personality. I get bored easily and always like trying new things.

This month’s question was hard to answer. What genre would be the worst one for me? I’m not sure. I’ve tried almost all of them, but I have to say, the one I least enjoyed was dystopian.

I’ve never written a straight sci fi, though, and due to my lack of interest in outer space, maybe that’s another contender.

Dystopian was just too depressing for me. It made me live in “worse case scenario” land. And after that experience, I decided something. I want to write books that give people hope. Not that dystopian cannot give people hope. It should, and often it does.

Wading through the darkness in the middle was just too much for me.

Is there a genre you would never write?


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