Wednesday, February 2, 2022

IWSG: Slow Writers Unite!

There's the slow food movement.

And a slow parenting movement, which I've been following without knowing it. 

And although I found some posts about Slow Writing Movements, most seemed to be geared towards literary fiction writers, which I am not.

But what if we started our own movement? A movement where it was okay not to be the fastest writer in the room.

Slow writing would be a place where...

It’s okay not to fast draft or do NaNoWrMo.  

Daily tallies of word counts doesn't make you a better writer.

Some days you might write a lot, others a little. It’s all adds up.

Quality over quantity.

It’s okay to stop mid-draft to look up the right phrase or research your setting—your writing will be richer for it.

This is not a race. If you write faster than others, you will not sell your book faster or gain more readers.

Take time to smell the roses, to live life, because fiction is made of life.

Make sure to take time away from writing—fresh eyes make the best editors.

Or if you want to make your first draft take even longer, just say yes to more backstory, maps, world building, and character charts. 😀

Will you join me?

I didn't do this month's question. I thankfully have not lost any of my writing heroes yet. And I didn't want to do a sad post. If you'd like to read more ISWG posts or sign up, please go HERE. You won't be disappointed.