Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ISWG: Get Out and Do

This post is going to be relatively short, because I just got back from a trip and my brain is still on vacation.

But I thought I'd share some pictures of what I did on Monday:

Lava River Caves, Bend, Oregon
Photo Credit (both pictures): W. Enzor
As I was descending this cave, I thought about how I've done more new things this summer than I've done in many years. I might attribute it to having been in the mom of young children stage for the last decade or so, or perhaps I've just been playing it safe.

But one of the side effects of my lack of adventure is that I tend to draw on my distant past for story ideas, rather than be inspired by the present.

Now I still don't know if this cave will ever make it into a story or not. I didn't get a light bulb idea while I was down there. I was too busy trying to keep warm and avoid tripping over rocks.

In any case, I've built up my idea bank. Not only that, but I have a load of sensory experiences to impart to any future character who gets stuck in a cave.

And that made facing my fear of enclosed spaces and bats all the more worth it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer, full of adventure!

How does real life inspire you?


  1. Sometimes we have to get out and experience life. It does add to the depth of our writing.
    Caves are cool. I haven't been in one in years.

  2. I visited a cave once and was very intrigued. Yes, sometimes we need to be adventurous.

  3. I am so impressed and inspired. Oh my bats, spiders and darkness! I absolutely agree though that getting out of our safe zones is so good for our writing.

  4. Yes! Sometimes we have to stop writing and LIVE, to give us more to write about. I'm so glad you got to do that!

  5. I agree with everyones comments! Being stuck in a writing cave doesn't help a writer's creativity! Have a great summer!

  6. Love, love taking a writing notebook on vacation. The sensory bank always needs a refill. Looks like you have a lot to draw on now. :)

  7. Hi,
    I have been thinking about what you've said because I am planning to leave my safety cove for a week as I traveled to Italy for a writer's workshop in September. Sometimes we have to step out there and stretched as you have done.
    Your article encouraged me.
    Pat Garcia

  8. It's difficult to explain how real life inspires me, because my creative mind pulls a million things into a single idea. But I also like doing new things to add to my creative possibilities. :-)

  9. I take writing material on every adventure because you just never know... Don't be surprised if that cave comes back to you in a creative brainstorm while washing dishes one day! I'm not much for caves but what a great adventure you just had!

  10. Fun! You just had a lovely vacation as well! And what I wouldn't give to be able to go to Oregon again—I've been once but it was many, many years ago. Beautiful!

    Yay for experiences that can translate to our writing! Isn't that the best feeling? And way to conquer your fears!

  11. Oh my God, I've been to those caverns!! And loved it. I was with a special group and the guide took us to the very, very end and we all shut off our lights. It was so surreal.

  12. Getting out is a constant inspiration and is perfect for setting off those light bulb ideas.

  13. Hi Jenni! Nice pictures! Thank you for visiting my blog. I think most of real life works it's way into my warped little brain and becomes something else. Mostly out of a sense of "what if?" and having been an only child and having spent the better part of my life alone. For instance; your lava river caves, I would turn into my room-mate, Chthulu who has a time-share with me, has gone off lava-skiing on his vacay and came back with home movies of the "fambly" (I actually did this with my gaming clan, so this is a retread) but your pics are not boring at all.

    Part of this is from being an only child; and I did not grow up in a "child-centric" household. I was left pretty much to my own devices and learned early on to at least try and be imaginative. Thanks again for visiting! Mary

  14. I really enjoy new experiences and adventures! Those can really be inspiring for writing. I like to use real-life scenarios when I write. Thanks for stopping by my page with the IWSG and for the follow :)