Monday, June 22, 2015

MMGM: Half a Chance

Sorry to miss last week. I have been behind on my reading with the end of the school year, but I’ve been catching up this week!  I hope to be posting regularly throughout the summer, except for the occasional break, which I’ll try to note ahead of time.

This was a book I picked up a few months ago, but at the time, I couldn’t quite get into it. I think I was reading it in the wrong season, for this is a summer book through and through. Not only is it set entirely in the summer on a lake in New Hampshire (!), but also, despite its heavy theme of dealing with a grandparent with dementia, it never loses its light, buoyant quality. 

Here is the synopsis (from Amazon):

When Lucy's family moves to an old house on a lake, Lucy tries to see her new home through her camera's lens, as her father has taught her -- he's a famous photographer, away on a shoot. Will her photos ever meet his high standards? When she discovers that he's judging a photo contest, Lucy decides to enter anonymously. She wants to find out if her eye for photography is really special -- or only good enough. As she seeks out subjects for her photos, Lucy gets to know Nate, the boy next door. But slowly the camera reveals what Nate doesn't want to see: his grandmother's memory is slipping away, and with it much of what he cherishes about his summers on the lake. This summer, Nate will learn about the power of art to show truth. And Lucy will learn how beauty can change lives . . . including her own.

What I loved:

1. A protagonist with an interesting hobby. I don’t know a lot about photography, but I learned a lot just from reading this book. There are some interesting corollaries with writing, like finding the story in the subject you're capturing.

2.  Kayaking! I am a bit of a water freak, and kayaking is my favorite mode of travel while on calm seas. I have done more canoeing than kayaking in recent years, but Lord’s descriptions of dip and pull brought back my kayaking adventures.

3. Selflessness. The kids’ goal wasn’t about fame or treasure (or saving the world). The purpose of winning the contest was to help someone else—and that was lovely to see.

4. Nate’s relationship with his grandmother. I really enjoyed reading about a boy who cared so much about his grandmother. Her dementia was handled realistically and poignantly.

5. Lucy’s relationship with her dad. Lord did an excellent job of showing Lucy’s mixed feelings about her father—her ache that he’s gone so much and their attempts to remain close despite the distance.

6.  An emotional book that’s not too heavy. As much as I love a good character-driven novel, some MGs are too heavy-handed for me. I wonder often how many kids are drawn to those types of books, because most kids I know (including my own) avoid anything remotely sad. This book could have been very sad, if Lord hadn't have given Nate and Lucy so many good and interesting things to focus on this book. I loved how the book left me a sense of the joy and beauty of life.

I think this would appeal to fans of Cynthia Lord’s other work, especially fans of Touch Blue, which it reminded me of. I think it would also appeal to those who enjoy Linda Urban’s work (Crooked Kind of Perfect, The Center of Everything) or fans of THE FOURTEENTH GOLDFISH by Jennifer Holm.If you enjoy a character-driven read with a strong sense of place, check out Half a Chance.

Have you read any good books set in summer?

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  1. This sounds like a good summer read. I really like the photography twist.

  2. I find kids like two things: humor and adventure. This book has an appealing cover that may serve best as a read-aloud. I'll be sure to take a look for myself. Thanks for the review.

  3. That would be a tough subject to handle lightly.

  4. Gosh, this really sounds good. I just put it on my TBR list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. The cover drew me in and your review sealed the deal :) Thanks Jenni. So many great books, so little time.

  6. "...Lucy tries to see her new home through her camera's lens..." Caught me right away. I love the writing style and will definitely look for this one. Thanks! :-)


  7. My TBR list is already rather long, but I think I'll pop this one up the list while it's still summer. Elderly grandparents aging is so common, a book dealing with that in a positive way sounds like a real winner!

  8. Aww, this does sound like a good book. Thank you for the review!

  9. I'm going to look for this one. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  10. I'm going to look for this one. Thanks for reminding me about it.